What happens after the TCP online core modules are complete?

TCP begins with 6 months of online course content, find out what is required next.

Once participants have completed 6 months (360 hours) of online coursework, the following are the additional remaining requirements:

Clinical Placement

Regardless of your completion route, the Teach Away team will support your clinical placement search. Teacher candidates must secure a paid or unpaid position in a classroom where they will have the ability to complete all requirements of the placement.

The clinical placement may be the most enjoyable aspect of your teacher candidacy. The challenges presented in the placement will exercise and build on your application of pedagogical knowledge, and your creative, collaborative, communicative, and time-management skills. The State of Hawai’i requires teacher candidates to complete 450 hours of clinical placement.

Assessment & Certification

Teacher Candidates are required to:

  1. Maintain a 3.0 throughout core coursework and clinical placement
  2. Receive a passing score on Praxis II in their chosen subject areas
  3. Receive a passing score on edTPA.

Teaching careers after graduating

Our teachers work in leading schools both at home and abroad. They are connected to a global network of like-minded professionals so that they can continue to develop and learn as their careers flourish.

For more information on teaching positions around the world, check out the Teach Away Job Board.

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