What will I learn in the Teacher Certification Program?

An overview of Teach Away's Teacher Certification Program (TCP) curriculum.

Students in the Teacher Certification Program, will complete six months (360 hours) of online coursework that focuses on core pedagogical approaches and perspectives, followed by a clinical placement in Hawai’i and edTPA assessment.

TCP Core Online

The 6 months of part-time studies are comprised of online, on-demand and asynchronous lessons. Participants will be placed in a cohort with up to fifteen fellow TCP students as well as an online mentor, giving you the opportunity to connect during real-time weekly lessons.

Field experiences* are also a key part of TCP Core Online, they enable participants to speak to experienced educators and visit schools to gain deeper insight into the complexities of pedagogy, the school system, and the workings of the classroom.

Core pedagogical modules

  • Module 1: The Role of a Teacher (4 weeks/60 hours)
  • Module 2: Learner Development and Experiences (6 weeks/90 hours)
  • Module 3: Assessing Student Learning (6 weeks/90 hours)
  • Module 4: Planning for Instruction and Instructional Strategies (8 weeks/120 hours)

*Field experiences are to be completed in Hawai’i

Clinical Placement in Hawai’i

Clinical Placement provides participants with an opportunity to bring theory and practice together in a meaningful way. They will learn the complexities of working in a school and being a teacher. The primary focus of clinical placement is to start the journey in becoming an outstanding teacher.

  • Clinical Placement (12 weeks/450 hours)
  • Hawaiian History, Culture & Language (Online module/ 10 hours) - To be completed prior to licensure


edTPA is a performance-based, subject-specific assessment and support system used by teacher preparation programs to measure skills, knowledge, and classroom-readiness of teacher candidates.

  • TCP candidates will sign up for edTPA within the first month of coursework
  • Preparatory submissions & practical work will be part of the core modules and placement
  • Submission date of edTPA is dependent on your TCP route

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