What do I do if my course isn't working properly?

I'm stuck and can't move forward in my course.

If you're having technical difficulties with the course such as seeing error messages, having trouble clicking on items, or course items such as slides and videos are not loading, please try the following:

  • ensure you are using Chrome as your browser
  • clear your browser's cache (including cached images) and restart your browser 
  • download and enable flash on your browser

Please note that if a lesson is active/open for over one hour or if you do not use the Exit button to leave your lessons, many of the problems described above may occur. Be sure to exit your lesson as you approach the one hour mark. Your progress will be saved and you can simply pick up where you left off. If you have already had a lesson open for over an hour, please submit a ticket for assistance.

If you can't access your unit test...

Your unit test is only accessible once you've finished your written assignment/reflection journal successfully. Be sure to check your grades to see if you've passed your written work or if you need to resubmit your work for grading. 

To clear your cache: 

Select the browser you are using and click the appropriate link below to follow the steps on how to clear your browser’s cache.

  • Google Chrome: Follow the steps here.
  • Mozilla Firefox: Follow the steps here.
  • Safari: Follow the steps here.

To download/enable flash player: 

Go here to download flash player. 

  • Select the browser you are using and enable flash:
  • Chrome: Follow the instructions here.
  • Mozilla Firefox: Follow the steps here.
  • Safari: Follow the steps here.

Please note: Although we list these three browsers, Google Chrome is the preferred browser to use as it is most compatible with the LMS. The e-learning is not optimized for other browsers such as Firefox, Sarafi, Internet Explorer, and Microsoft Edge and may result in other technical difficulties.

If you are unsuccessful in resolving the issue you are experiencing, please submit a ticket for more assistance.