I am having trouble logging into my TEFL course.

Please try the suggestions below to get logged in and studying again.

1) Check the URL
Some students who have been away for a while may find that the course URL has changed.  Please make sure that you are logging in at lms.teachaway.com.

2) Username
Have you changed your username manually since enrolling in the course?  Are you using the correct e-mail address to sign in?  These are some common log-in issues we hear about.

3) Capslock
Your password is case-sensitive and an activated capslock button is one of the most common reasons for log-in failure. Make sure your capslock button is not activated and try again.

4) Reset password
If none of the recommendations above are working for you then it is time to reset your password. Click the "I've forgotten my username/password" link and check your e-mail to reset your password.

If you are still having trouble logging in after trying these suggestions, please contact the TEFL Support Team.