How much does the Manhattan College TEFL program cost?

You have two options to choose from when registering for the Manhattan College TEFL Certification program. 

All learners interested in the Manhattan College TEFL Certification must complete the 120-hour online training. The cost of the 120-hour course is $1,095 USD. Course fees are due in full upon enrollment. 

Learners may also opt to add a two-week practicum. This in-class training is completed on campus at Manhattan College and the fees include your in-class training on campus in Riverdale, New York. The practicum is an additional $1,005 USD. In other words, if you register for the program with a practicum, your course fees will total $2,100 USD. 

You can register for the 120-hour online course and opt to add the practicum later on. That means you can pay $1,095 to start, and $1,005 later. When you're ready to add your practicum, email