How do I know if I need an extension?

My course is due in a few weeks/months and I need an extension.

The TEFL courses take 6-12 weeks to complete with 1-2 hours of daily work. That said, students have up to one year to complete the course. Students are encouraged to set their own schedule for completing their course. 

For example, if your work schedule changes and you will no longer be able to work on the course daily, you may not require a new course deadline. Simply set a new study schedule for yourself that allows you to complete the course on time. You may even opt to take a break from the curse for some time before returning to it.

If you are concerned you still won't be able to meet your course deadline, we ask that you do not submit an extension request until you are within 6 weeks of your course deadline. 

If you have 6 or more weeks left until your course is due, continue to work on your course diligently and submit your extension request only once you are within 6 weeks of your deadline

TIP: Each lesson should take one hour or less to complete so plan your time accordingly.