What if I can't complete my course on time?

Fill out our extension request form to get a new course deadline

The TEFL course take only 6-12 weeks to complete with 1-2 hours of daily work.

If you have 6 or more weeks left until your course is due, continue to work on your course diligently and submit your extension request only once you are within 6 weeks of your deadline

All learners are eligible for one extension. Extensions are granted based on how much of the course you have left to complete up to a maximum of three months.

Before you request your extension, remember that each lesson should take one hour or less to complete. Plan your study schedule accordingly and make a request only once you have determined you require additional time.

Fill out this form to request your extension. Once your course has been extended, you'll see a new deadline in your course. you will not be notified of your new deadline unless your extension request is denied. 

Have more questions? Please contact our TEFL Support Team here