Which TEFL specializations should I choose?

Choosing your specializations for the OISE TEFL Course

If you are enrolled in the 120 or 150-hour TEFL online course, you are required to complete two elective specializations.

If you have specific career goals in mind (for example, teaching English in the Middle East or Korea or China) you may want to tailor your certification to become a stronger candidate for those positions.

If you’re interested in using your TEFL certificate as a way to travel the world, you may wish to choose specializations that prepare you to adapt to a variety of working environments such as Teaching English to Young Learners or Teaching Business English.

Before beginning specialization units, all teachers will develop a foundation in ESL pedagogy and teaching techniques from the units in the core curriculum.

You can review our specialization choices below:

Note: Specializations can be added at any time during the course, and you do not need to decide your specializations when you enroll. To learn how to add your specializations, click here.

If you need assistance with your specializations, please email teflsupport@teachaway.com