When should I apply for positions on Teach Away?

The ideal times for applying for teach abroad positions

Any time! Teaching positions are available all year round. The application process also allows you to indicate when you are available to begin a teaching job abroad.

We recommend that you create a teacher profile and keep it updated. It will help you get a feel for what schools expect from your profile and also allows you to browse positions and easily apply when the time is right.

What you should do next is consider the following:

1. Where do I want to teach?

Decide where you want to go... and work backwards from there. The peak hiring times will vary from country to country. Some schools hire all year round and others don't.

2. When are the traditional hiring seasons?

Do a little research into your target country to gauge how long the application process is and when teachers are normally hired.

3. Am I qualified yet?

If you're not quite finished with your TEFL certification, you might want to hold back for a month or two. Some countries will accept applicants with paperwork in progress, but it's important to note that all that paperwork will be needed in time for visa applications.