What will I learn in the OISE TEFL course?

An outline of what you will learn in the OISE TEFL course.

Created by experts from the Ontario Institute for Studies in Education, this course will give you strategies to effectively teach in a foreign language classroom to students whose first language is not English.

The OISE TEFL certification course will teach you how to…

1. Plan Lessons: Plan and deliver effective lessons that meet class learning objectives and promote productive learning.

2. Manage a Classroom: Manage a classroom and student behavior to create a welcoming and safe learning environment.

3. Teach English Language Skills: Teach key core language skills such as reading, writing, speaking, listening, pronunciation and grammar.

4. Identify Learning Styles: Identify different learning styles and adapt lessons to suit students and their needs.

5. Build Effective Learning Materials: Find, adapt and personalize a wide variety of text-based and digital materials for the classroom.

6. Learn Specialized Teaching Strategies*: Learn teaching strategies for a variety of specialized areas such as Teaching Business English or Teaching English to Young Learners.

*In the 120 and 150-hour courses you are required to complete specialized training in two areas of English language instruction.

For detailed information on what you will learn, review the OISE TEFL Curriculum.