What is the interview process like?

Candidates are usually required to participate in an initial pre-screen phone interview with a Placement Coordinator from Teach Away (for non-direct to school jobs), who will help you move forward with the application process. If you pass the pre-screen, you will move on to conduct an interview with a representative from the school that could occur over video or in-person.

For direct-to-school jobs, you will be reached out to by a representative from the school right away for a video, phone or in-person interview.

Our top tips for a phone or video interview:

  1. Set aside a time and place, and eliminate distractions (e.g. don't take the call on a bus!)
  2. Be prepared and take the call as seriously as an in-person interview
  3. Have quick access to key resources (e.g. notes prepared in advance)
  4. Listen and answer questions thoroughly
  5. Speak clearly and positively

For most of our positions being offered, an in-person interview is not always necessary. You will be able to determine if an in-person interview session is required for the positions of your interest under the "Additional Requirements" section of a job description or during the pre-screen call with a Placement Coordinator.


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