What is an online teacher certification program?

Alternative certifications often have an online component. Find out what this means.

Online teacher certification, often referred to as an alternative or accelerated teacher certification, provides an expedited pathway to teaching licensure in the US for aspiring teachers who wish to become a licensed teacher.

Alternative teacher certification was originally designed to prepare non-certified teachers to fill shortages in certain subject areas and geographical locations and to provide entry into the teaching profession for individuals with a bachelor’s degree in any field looking to make a career in teaching.

Online teacher certification is quickly growing as a popular alternative to traditional teacher preparation programs. Unlike traditional teacher training programs, which generally consist of two years of full-time, intensive study, online teacher certification programs are easier to fit into your busy lifestyle.

Becoming a certified US teacher online is particularly popular among working professionals looking to accelerate their transition to teaching in the classroom, as programs can be completed in under a year.