What does it mean if my application is “closed”?

A "closed" application status on your Teach Away profile can mean a few different things

If your application status has changed to "closed" it could mean:

  1. The position has been filled.
  2. There’s already a selection of candidates moving forward in the application process.
  3. You didn’t meet the qualifications for the position.
  4. The position has been removed at the discretion of the employer.

You should aim to apply for several jobs that you meet the requirements for, while keeping an open mind as to the location you’d like to teach in. Applying for multiple positions will greatly increase your chances of being hired for a teaching job abroad.

If you consistently see "closed" showing up on your applications, maybe it's time to strengthen your Teach Away Profile. Here are some resources that might help you identify some of the weaknesses in your applications:

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  2. Top 10 application mistakes.
  3. Why it's important to complete your teacher profile.
  4. This is what schools look for on your Teach Away profile [video].