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How do I build a complete teacher profile?

When you first register with Teach Away, you’ll be taken to your user dashboard, please navigate to your teacher profile by clicking the menu in the top right-hand corner. Your teacher profile will display a list of all the components you’ll need to add to complete your teacher profile. 

Teach Away - New Profile Menu

At the top, you’ll see your "profile strength," which will start at a "beginner" level. As you add more information to your profile, this strength level will increase to "intermediate" and, finally, "professional." We've designed this feature to help you assess how strong your profile will appear to recruiters. The more complete your profile is, the better.

Here’s a closer look at what your profile needs to include at each stage of completion.


Beginner Profile

This is what your profile will look like when you first register. As you can see, it only includes some of your personal information and basic qualifications on the left-hand side.

Teach Away - Beginner Profile

In order to start applying for all jobs, you’ll need to have your profile completed to at least an intermediate level. 

Adding either one (1) of the following components will automatically upgrade your profile strength to an intermediate level:

  • A resume
  • At least 1 degree (e.g. a Bachelor’s in Education)


Intermediate Profile

Teach Away - Intermediate Profile Strength

Alternatively, adding any four (4) of the following components will also upgrade your profile to an intermediate level:

  • A profile photo
  • At least 1 experience
  • At least 1 certification or license
  • An introduction statement
  • At least 2 references 
  • At least 2 uploaded documents (not including your resume or profile photo)
  • A profile summary

Note: Each component has its own dedicated section. For example, to add your resume, click on the green "+ UPLOAD YOUR RESUME" button. A window will then open and ask you to upload your resume file. Once completed, your Teach Away profile page will automatically refresh to include your newly uploaded resume.

Teach Away - Resume Upload


Professional Profile

Teach Away - Professional Strength

To be as competitive a candidate as possible for the job(s) you apply to, it’s ideal to have a complete, professional-level profile. 

To accomplish this, you’ll need to add all of the following components: 

  • A professional profile photo
  • At least 1 degree (e.g. a Bachelor’s in Education)
  • At least 2 documents 
  • A resume
  • An introduction statement
  • At least 2 references completed
  • Profile summary completed

Note: When you request a reference, its status will be pending until your referee has filled out the form. Once they complete the form, it will appear on your profile as completed. Referees’ responses will not be displayed on your profile. 

Teach Away - Reference Pending


All done!