How do I submit my reflection journals? (with rubric)

Reflection Journals are due at the end of each unit and must be graded before you can access the course assessment. To submit your Reflection Journals, follow these steps:

  1. Download the Reflection Journal file from the lesson or access the documents in the Additional References tab.
  2. Open the Word document and answer the questions within Document as you advance through the lesson. Keep in mind that though each reflection journal question is different and there is no word limit, you should aim for a response that is between 250-500 words.
  3. Save the Word Document. Keep note of where you have saved it so you can access it later.
  4. When you have completed the last lesson of the unit, you will have access to the Journal Reflection Submission. Once here, copy and paste all journal reflection responses into the correct submission fields.
  5. Submit your responses.
  6. Do not reopen your journals as this will trigger the system to show that you are working on your journals and we will not be able to mark them. Once you submit your responses, simply await marking.

Please see the PDF below for additional information.

 Having trouble with your reflection journals? Contact the TEFL Support Team here