How do I become a teacher if I already have a bachelor’s degree?

So you put all that time, money and work into getting a bachelor’s degree, but now maybe you’ve decided that field is no longer for you. Or perhaps you love the subject you studied so much that you now want to put that knowledge to good use in a classroom. Either way, if you already have a bachelor’s degree in something other than education, and want to get the proper certification to enter the teaching field, then you are the very person that an alternative teaching certification was created for.

First thing you’re going to need to do is look up the specific requirements of where you live, or where you want to teach. Rules that apply in Missouri might not apply in Ohio, and a teaching certification valid in Georgia might not be worth much in Wisconsin. Rules and regulations will vary by state with regards to what classes you must take, what coursework you must complete, how much in-classroom teaching experience will be required, and even what subjects you might be allowed to teach. So do your research based on your own circumstances.

Once you’ve figured out the requirements for alternative teaching certification in your home state, it’s time to start researching schools. You can check out Hawai'i as an example here. If you go the online route, make sure the certification offered will be valid in your home state. It should typically always include the following:

  • Intensive core pedagogical modules and field experiences
  • In-person clinical placement
  • Evaluation and assessment

How long does this take? You can check out a brief overview below or head over to this article.

Road to teacher certification