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How do I add my Skype Name?

Adding a Skype Name to your profile is important because many schools will interview teachers on Skype. 

Not sure what your Skype Name is? See: Where can I find my Skype Name?

To add or update your Skype Name on your Teach Away profile, select Profile in the top-right corner of the page.

Teach Away - Profile Skype Name - Unfilled

On your profile page, click on the Edit ( Teach Away - Edit Icon) icon in the top-right corner of the summary section on the left.

Teach Away - Demo Teacher Profile Skype ID

This will take you to your Profile Summary page. From there, scroll down to the Skype Name field and enter your Skype Name. 

Teach Away - Skype Name
Once you update the Skype Name field, your Skype Name will appear on your profile.

Teach Away - Profile Skype Name - Filled