What is the difference between the 100, 120 and 150 hour OISE TEFL courses?

What's included in the 100, 120 and 150-hour TEFL courses

All three courses cover the same 6 core course units:

  1. Introduction to English language teaching (10 hours)
  2. Teaching language skills (25 hours)
  3. Adapting subject-specific content (10 hours)
  4. Structuring and delivering lessons (20 hours)
  5. Classroom management (25 hours)
  6. Resources and materials (10 hours)

100 hour OISE TEFL course

  • In the 100 hour course, students cover the 6 core modules with no additional training or specializations. This is considered the minimum requirement for teaching abroad, but may not actually be enough hours for some countries.

120 hour OISE TEFL course

  • This course covers the 6 core modules as well as 2 units of specialization (10 hours each). You can choose your specialization. This is our most popular option since 120 hours is enough hours to qualify you to teach online and in most countries. It provides more long term travel opportunities than the 100-hour course.

150 hour OISE TEFL course

  • This course covers the 6 core modules, 2 units of specialization (10 hours each), and 3 additional modules (10 hours each). This is considered the gold-standard of TEFL courses. 

    The three additional modules are:
    1. Digital technology in the classroom (10 hours)
    2. Learner-centred lessons (10 hours)
    3. Teaching abroad (10 hours)

For a module-by-module breakdown of the 100, 120, and 150-hour courses: Get a copy of our TEFL brochure.

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