I didn’t pass my reflection journal, what now?

If you don’t receive a passing grade on your reflection journal, it will be necessary for you to revise your responses and re-submit your answers. Please note you must submit all of your responses, including any that you may have gotten correct. 

After an unsuccessful attempt, we encourage you to review your notes and the course materials before re-submitting. In most cases, it’s simply a matter of expanding on your original answers in more depth. We encourage learners to write at least 250-500 words for each response.

We recommend you review the full Grading Rubric here. You can also check out our 5-minute Reflection Journal Video Guide to learn how to submit your journals and common mistakes to avoid.

You will be able to re-submit your journal reflections as many times as needed to receive a passing grade. After your journal reflection is marked and awarded a passing grade you will be able to move to the final unit assessment.

For more on marking times click here.