How does the application process work?

How to apply to teach abroad with Teach Away

Here's how to get started with Teach Away:

1. Create a teacher profile. You can do this on our website by clicking the "register" button at the top right. If you want to make your applications stand out, make sure you take your time and build an impressive teacher profile. Upload supporting documents, videos, and pictures.

If you want your teacher profile to sparkle, review these posts:

2. Start browsing our jobs board. Be sure to read all the requirements for the jobs listed and make sure your skills closely align with what is being asked for.

3. Apply for all the jobs you want! You can apply directly for jobs by clicking the "Apply" button.

4. Once you’ve submitted a job application, the schools (and in some cases our Placement Coordinators) will review your application. You will be contacted if you are being considered for an interview.

5. After this, the process will vary depending on the position and country. Some jobs will require a number of interviews and rounds, whereas others can make a decision after the initial interview.

6. You got the job! Now it's time to start processing your documents and getting your hands on a visa. The steps here will be different for every teacher and it's important that you understand what is required of you to work in a country. Our coordinators and the school will help you out, but it will take some organization on your part to get everything processed in time.

7. After the visa is secured and the contract is signed, it's time to book a flight. Some schools will take care of the flight for you, others will reimburse you, and some schools will not provide assistance with flights and you will need to book one on your own.

Note: Unfortunately, due to the volume of applications our website receives every day, our Placement Coordinators or the schools might only reply to candidates who are being considered to move forward.