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Are tax receipts issued for the course?

Tax receipts (T2202 forms) are issued for the OISE TEFL course by OISE at the University of Toronto each year in February for Canadian residents/citizens filing taxes in Canada. 

Tax receipts are not issued for students living outside of Canada or for our other courses. 

Expect an email in January of the calendar year after you purchased TEFL (i.e. in January 2022 if you enrolled anytime in 2021) requesting confirmation of your personal information, including your SIN. This data will be collected using a secure survey. Do not share these personal details via email or phone.

The completed tax forms will then be sent to you via email by Teach Away on behalf of the university in late February. 

If you require any changes to your T2202 or if you need an additional copy of your form for whatever reason, please contact TEFL support